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"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Liddy Midnight weaves spells with her words. Don't miss her!"
~ Maggie Shayne 



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Survivor in Transformations 

Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0308-X 
Genre: Erotic / Fantasy
Format: e-book

It can't be real—people there become dragons at will. To his shock, he discovers he can transform as well.

Also in Transformations: Foxfire By Margaret Carter and Taking Shape By Tielle St Clare

 After a horrific training accident with his fighter squadron, pilot Doug is transported to a world he's seen in powerful sexual dreams featuring a mahogany-skinned beauty with silver hair. It can't be real—people there become dragons at will. To his shock, he discovers he can transform as well.

Harna, the woman of his dreams, makes him welcome. The sex is mind-blowing but too much about this world defies logic. This must be another dream. Doug only knows he's falling in love and if he's right, he'll have to leave Harna behind when he wakes up.


Reviews for Survivor

"Ms. Midnight shows her strength in action and fast paced, tightly written narrative. Her love scenes are raw and powerful."
~ Romance Divas

" Interesting concept of dragons in Survivor. Harna's world is like Doug's but yet different. I found myself intrigued by Harna and Doug's relationship. Harna is a strong willed woman who fits beautifully with the brave, warrior Doug."
~ Fallen Angel Reviews

Reviews for Transformation

"It is recommended that readers pick up this book immediately. Transformations offers great fantasy stories that cater to readers searching for romance, action, and comedy bundled in each story."
~ Euro-Reviews

"Transformations is an anthology with three very unique stories sharing a singular theme–the physical body transformed. All three stories are distinctive, filled with passion and excitement."
~ Romance Divas

"Transformations is an incredible read with three great stories by three awesome authors. Each one is a shape-shifter tale that paranormal readers must have for their collection. The characters are well rounded and interesting and the plots will keep you turning the pages…One can only hope that Margaret Carter, Liddy Midnight and Tielle St. Clare team up again in the future to create another anthology of shape-shifting romance."
~ The Romance Studio

"Transformations may be about shape shifting creatures but it is also about finding a love so special, in the most unlikely places. All of the characters in this book have their own special nuances about them."
~ eCataromance

"Transformations, a three-person anthology from Ellora's Cave, tackles the world of shape shifters in this lovely book that is perfect for curling up with on a cold rainy night."
~ NovelSpot



Doug kept his eyes riveted on Buffalo’s nozzles just ahead and above him as he maintained pressure on the stick. To keep his position within the narrow tolerances of the tight diamond formation, he had to be ready to mimic and match any moves his flight leader made in his point position.

Up, up and over they flew, into the loop that would bring them down for a low-altitude pass, still in formation.

He kept his flight path in sync with the other three, slightly lower to avoid his flight leader’s jet exhaust. In his peripheral vision, at the zenith of the loop he was aware of the fighters at the corners of the diamond. Early sunlight glinted off the red and gold scales of the ornate dragons on each fuselage. The other two planes in the pyramid would be coming in now to make their low altitude pass below, crossing within feet of each other.

Now came the diamond’s descent.

His comm unit crackled in his ear with the expected grunt of a pilot taking more than four gees at the bottom of the loop. His brain registered the fact that it wasn’t quite normal even as he tracked the bobble of the leader’s tail, up and then down.

Shit. That dip was a bad thing. Buffalo’s exhaust would wash over him and melt his windshield. Training kicked in. He pulled the stick up and shoved it to the left, pulling out of position. He kept his eyes glued to his flight leader’s jet and wondered what had destroyed Buffalo’s legendary concentration.

Doug’s right engine flamed out, starved by a gulp of jet exhaust. Better that than losing his canopy. He moved to try a restart.

Hell opened up in front of him. Flame erupted, painting his vision in red and gold.

Before he could draw a panicked breath, Buffalo’s jet, followed in formation by the other two planes, smashed into the ground and disintegrated.

The ground rushed up at him. He pulled the stick and leveled off with inches to spare.

The debris field from the crashes splashed up.

Blazing fuel and sharp metal.

Right in front of him.


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All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.


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