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"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Liddy Midnight weaves spells with her words. Don't miss her!"
~ Maggie Shayne 

   Small Magick  

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Small Magick 

Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1-84360-957-6 
Genre: Erotic / Fantasy
Format: e-book

As lust leads to love, one problem remains—Drey has no idea how to reverse the spell she unknowingly wrought.


Drey comes from a long line of powerful mages. She laments that she has naught but small magick related to healing. Her life changes the day she discovers a magical circle near her cottage. For the first time, she concentrates on celebration and not her goal—and somehow manages to summon a wind spirit in a very appealing male form.

Cyrus believes Drey has bound him to pleasure her, and devotes himself to the task. The sensual experiences offered by his mortal body delight him, as does his beguiling mage. For a time, he is content to discover the mortal world and all it has to offer.

As lust leads to love, one problem remains—Drey has no idea how to reverse the spell she unknowingly wrought. Cryus is trapped in her world. To free him, she is willing to do anything, even apprentice herself to an unknown mage with an agenda of his own.



"This wonderful paranormal story is just great. A great read, hot sex scenes, interesting and fast moving story line. ... All in all an enjoyable read."
~ Mon-Boudoir Reviews

"Liddy Midnight's erotic lovemaking scenes are breathtaking, using imagery from nature to display the wind sprite's many talents. Cyrus is a hero to fall in love with."
~ Fallen Angel Reviews

"What a unique world she creates in her stories...one which is hot enough to keep the reader yearning for more. Cyrus and Drey are such individuals, each with great powers of their own. "And the details of the passionate love scenes, so inventive and imaginative!"
~ Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Small Magick is a delightful, stimulating, romantic fantasy with a twist. The relationship between Drey and Cyrus is passionate, sensual and definitely hot...I love how the author portrays Drey's world as a simple, medieval, small town village where everyone knows everyone's business...I also enjoyed Ms. Midnight's writing style. She made me feel as though I was traipsing around the meadows feeling the sun and breeze butt naked. I hope to read more from Liddy Midnight."
~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Liddy Midnight has penned a tale that is fascinating and blazing hot."
~ Romance Reviews Today

"Liddy Midnight has brought to us an enticing new book of magic in the Dark Ages. You will simply fall in love with Drey's cat, Mousebane... I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in magic."
~ Coffee Time Romance

"This is an enjoyable book by Liddy Midnight that will be sure to please her fans. Cyrus is HOT and he and Drey are wonderful together...If you enjoy reading about a hero who has special qualities and a heroine who comes into her own you won't be disappointed with this book."
~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Ms Midnight cast a spell on me while I was reading. It was one I was loath to break."
~ eCataromance



Drey began at the northern edge of the meadow, where she found a thick stone slab. Clearing away the choking weeds took but little time. She spent another few minutes rubbing moss away to reveal a star inscribed on the surface. There was a little indentation below that, and there she poured her seeds.

She envisioned the seeds sprouting, bringing forth life from the earth. With a shaking voice, she began, “I bless these seeds and stone, that they may be fit to dwell within this circle of light.” She thought the engraved star filled with light for just an instant.

At the little natural basin filled by the trickle from the mountain, she dipped both hands into the icy water. “I bless this water and basin, that they may be fit to dwell within this circle of light.” This time, she was certain the water flashed silver.

She had cast circles in her cottage, in a field she liked, and with her family, but never had she seen such an acceptance of her blessing. Excitement tempered with awe quickened her breath.

She next gathered a few sticks from under the bushes and trees, and dry grass from beneath the new shoots. Piled in the old hearth, these easily kindled when she dropped a coal among them.

The fire warmed her outstretched hands. “I bless this fire and hearth, that they may be fit to dwell within this circle of light.” A crystal-white flame blazed suddenly in the heart of the fire, then disappeared.

The eastern direction puzzled her. There was no sign there had ever been a symbol there, no evidence of a manifestation of the element. Mayhap it had gone over the edge in a rockslide in the time since this circle was last used. Finally, she found a stone with a dimple on top, filled it with a few pinches of herbs, dropped a little coal in and set it near the cliff’s edge.

She held her hands above it. “I bless this scent and air, that they may be fit to dwell within this circle of light.” As the fragrant smoke began to rise, she smiled. What would the wind do to acknowledge her blessing?

Instead of rising to the sky, a small cloud of smoke gathered just above the stone. As she watched, it grew in volume. The mass then formed a column and rose to wrap around her hands, until they were completely engulfed. The ball of smoke hovered there.

After a moment of thought, she spread her hands apart, mentally pushing the smoke out, dispersing it to the wind. Sheer joy bubbled up inside her and escaped in laughter that followed the smoke out across the valley.

As she turned back to the altar, a breeze caressed her cheek, flowing down across her shoulder and between her breasts. A shiver ran through her. She felt that the element of air was special here, and perhaps that was why there was no anchor for the east; the altar faced that way, and in a sense the whole circle was devoted to air.

Circling the slab, she laid out the items she’d brought. Satisfied that she’d placed her tools on the altar properly, she walked once more to the edge of the cliff. Holding one arm out, with her fingers pointed at the ground, she walked the perimeter of the circle, clearing her mind of everything but her gratitude for the lovely day. In each direction, she called upon the spirits to attend her.

When she reached the cliff’s edge again, the circle snapped closed with an audible click.

Never had she heard that before! Drey continued back to the altar, to call upon the Goddess and the God to join her in celebration of her newfound sanctuary. She had no purpose in this ritual, other than thanksgiving for finding this special place and joy in being alive.

Gone were her thoughts of wielding Power. Forgotten were her frustrations at bungling even the simplest of magickal tasks. There was nothing she wished to accomplish, so she resolved to send the Power she raised back whence it came, to the mountain and the sky.

And raise Power she did. She closed her eyes, feeling the energy rise within her. The sun warmed her. The earth cooled her feet as she turned beside the rock, facing each direction and bidding the spirits farewell and thanks. Her arms outstretched above her head, she released the Power she’d raised.

A gust of wind buffeted her as the circle dissipated, and a thud shook the ground.

The hair on the back of her neck rose as a decidedly male groan came from close behind her. Her eyes snapped open. She whirled to find a man sprawled by the altar stone.

He stared up at her in silence, blinking brilliant sky-blue eyes.

She stared back, taking in his pale blond hair and high cheekbones. His face was long and narrow, with sweeping curves that improved on her imagined men. Each breath he took drew her attention to the pleasing contours of his chest. Muscular, but not too much so.

Desire flared within her, and she had a fleeting thought that now she could test the softness of the grass. She shook her head, turning her attention from that glorious expanse of pale flesh. He shifted and she focused on his feet. His large, strong-looking feet led to long, rangy legs. Long, rangy legs led to—

She swallowed hard and stepped back a pace.

He was naked!

She groaned in frustration. Holy Mother of all. Never before had she shown any indication of Power. Now, somehow, she’d conjured the man she’d decided was perfect. He was none of the three she’d envisioned, but a combination of all she’d considered. A very appealing combination.

“Are you hurt?” His voice echoed the clear note of the alarm bell, not the husky rasp she’d imagined.

He still lay there, staring at her. When she drew in a breath, his gaze shifted, dropping below her chin. The light in his eyes changed as he surveyed her body. No longer showing shock, his face lit with what she could only term hunger.

Sweet Goddess, she’d forgotten she was naked, too.


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