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"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson



















"Liddy Midnight weaves spells with her words. Don't miss her!"
~ Maggie Shayne 

inding the Light  

Ellora's Cave
January 2008
ISBN-13: 978-1419956867
Genre: Sensual/ Fantasy
Format: Print

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Ellora's Cave
December 2006
ISBN-10: 1419908685 
Genre: Sensual/ Fantasy
Format: e-Book

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Moran has lost his magick, but mayhap Enid offers something better.

Dark Mage Moran is mortally wounded in a battle of magickal wills. Seeking a mage to heal him, he instead stumbles into a small village. Moran's work required celibacy. When he awakens in bed with a naked woman, he isn't certain if this is a fevered dream or she is a Yule gift, a reward from the Goddess.

The widow Enid is the only one with room and time to care for him. No mage, she has only a meager supply of herbs — and body heat. She can't resist the temptation presented by the handsome stranger. Yule is a time of celebration and sex represents the foundation of life.

Moran has lost his magick, but mayhap Enid offers something better.



“Finding The Light is the story of the magical miraculous beginning of time spent together that might not have been if not for magic. Liddy Midnight has a flare for words, creates beautiful characters, and knows suspense. I highly recommend this book to anyone.”
~ TwoLips Reviews

 “Liddy Midnight pens an otherworldly tale of the forces of good and evil, and the healing that can come from a pure heart.But this story is not all sweetness and light; there’s passion and power here as well.”
~ Fallen Angel Reviews

“This is a nicely told tale of two folks finding healing with each other. I like the author's simple style and straightforward storytelling, and the erotic scenes are top notch.”
~ Romance Divas

“A quick read you’ll not want to put down. Finding the Light is a great story with exciting scenes and two wonderful main characters. Liddy Midnight knows how to create a fascinating world you’ll want to revisit again.”
~ Joyfully Reviewed

“Liddy Midnight brings companionship to two lonely hearts on the night of Yule as well as all readers of this heartwarming story. When all else seems lost and there is nowhere else to go, FINDING THE LIGHT gives hope to all those who are living alone out there during this time of family and cheer.”
~ Romance Junkies



What if this was no dream? Possibly he was too ill to survive his injuries, and this was Her way of ensuring him a measure of immortality. Days ago, even hours ago, such would have been unimaginable. To a man sworn to celibacy for the sake of his battle against the darkness, this was a high reward.

The woman in his embrace moved her head and her sweet-smelling hair tickled his face. Unfamiliar emotion swept through him. With her, he had a chance to connect with one of those he was sworn to protect. With her, he had a chance to touch the Goddess.

An intriguing idea. He had mistaken her for the Goddess upon his arrival in this place. Perhaps he had not lost all his Power and saw her for what she was, the embodiment of the Goddess. He smiled into her silky locks and breathed in the heady fragrance. Lavender. A relaxing herb.

When she shifted her hips and ground against him, nothing about him relaxed. His hand tightened on her breast, wringing a soft moan from her. His cock throbbed with eagerness.

His choices were few. The odds of surviving his injuries were slim. He was either dreaming or he wasn’t. If he wasn’t, he could not turn down this Goddess-given chance to sow his seed for the future.

That She had also provided an opportunity for him to explore the pleasures of the flesh, so long denied, was not lost on him. She must hold his work in high regard to reward him so handsomely. He resolved not to fail Her in this as he had in his struggle against the shadows he carried.

He told himself he was trapped by the weight of the woman who would bear his children, refusing to acknowledge the truth. He was loath to release the wonderful softness of her breast. He slipped his other hand across the slight swell of her belly to delve into the curls between her thighs. A rush of moisture met his questing fingers.

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