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"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Liddy Midnight weaves spells with her words. Don't miss her!"
~ Maggie Shayne 

Flavors of Ecstasy 2   

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Touch of Lust in 
Flavors of Ecstasy 2 

Ellora's Cave
June 2009
Genre: Erotic / Futuristic
Format: eBook, Print

When Gavor finds himself wed to a sheltered bond-mate, he vows to seduce her with his Touch of Lust.


Julia expects unusual experiences on her first interplanetary journey but not marriage to a compelling stranger. One who can turn her body to liquid fire with only a touch.


Gavor does not want a bond-mate. He enjoys indulging his varied sexual tastes too much to ever restrict himself to one partner—until he rescues an irresistible woman from disgrace. Although from a repressive planet, she’s everything he was afraid to ask for. More than their happiness is at stake. Gavor has one devastating weapon with which to overcome her background—seduction. As long as Julia succumbs to his touch of lust.



Touch of Lust Reviews

"The anthology overall had some great love scenes with my favorites being in Touch of Lust by Liddy Midnight. I will definitely have to check into getting more stories in her shifter universe." -- Ann Barber, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Flavors of Ecstasy 2 Reviews

"I feel that this latest installment in the ongoing Ellora’s Cavemen line has something for everyone...Overall I think Flavors of Ecstasy: Volume Two more than lives up to previous installments, and if you are looking for a great way to heat up your summer in a variety of ways, this book is the way to go!"  -- Ann Barber, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Her husband parted the veil and gave her a victorious smile. She drank in the sight of him. His tanned skin—quite the darkest she’d ever seen--contrasted with the white of his teeth and the amazing green of his eyes. The planes of his face were well defined, with sharp cheekbones that slanted above the slight hollows of his cheeks and a strong chin. The slash of his dark brows could draw into a fierce frown when he was angry. Right now, he was far from angry.

He lost his smile. Leaning close, he whispered solemnly, “I vow to put your safety and happiness above my own. You are mine. Forever. We must observe the social niceties right now but once we are alone I will show you just what I mean.” As he straightened and set her veil back to cover her completely, his knuckle brushed her left nipple through the heavy cloth.

She gasped at the sensations that invaded her, radiating out from the brief pressure. Oh dear heaven, was that an accident? Cutting a glance up, she thought a sly smile quirked his lips.

No, he knew precisely what he was doing. He must know what she was feeling.

Blessed Vessel, this was nothing anyone had explained to her! How could she feel pleasure from his touch? Her mother had never had the time to enlighten her about her wifely duties and the poor woman who tried to give her advice last night had been less than helpful. She’d stammered and cleared her throat more than she’d spoken, and what words she managed were filled with so many euphemisms Julia couldn’t make sense of them.

Gavor pulled her chair out and helped maneuver her voluminous skirts into place before she sat at the main table. Once seated, she discovered that the stiffly embroidered bodice of her gown was a tool he used freely. While settling her into her seat, he repeatedly brushed his hands against it, either the edge at her waist or the back of the armhole. Each time he did so it would caress her nipples, sparking delicious fire in both breasts.

His intent must be to drive her insane. The feather-light touches zinged through her, making her gasp and lean toward him. Not away, where any sane person would expect to find relief, no, she had to seek out more of the sweet torture. Further evidence of his intent.

Apparently indifferent to her reaction, he leaned across to pass a sauce to her father, who sat on her other side. His elbow pressed into her breast through the heavy fabric—and stayed. The pressure remained steady, causing each breath she took to do his work for him. By the time he moved, her breath was coming in pants of pleasure. Something inside her tightened in anticipation, but in anticipation of what she had no idea.

The outrageous man she’d married then surpassed everything he’d done so far. He actually found an opening at her waist and inserted one hand to caress her skin. And she’d thought that indirectly he caused uncomfortable heat. The direct touch of his fingers brushing over her skin, there where no one had ever touched her, made her shiver and break out in a heated sweat that dripped between her breasts and pooled between her legs. She held her breath waiting for his next move.


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